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SRA flate

SRA (Eligibility, Transfer, HPC (High Power Committee), GRC, 3e/3z, 13(2), 33/38)

The Maharashtra government established the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) in December 1995 to facilitate the redevelopment of slums across Mumbai. While the original beneficiary of an SRA project can sell the property, there are multiple rules applicable.

What is an SRA flat?

Slums are a common part of Mumbai’s landscape. “Around 60 percent of the population in the city is located in slums”,

To enhance slum dwellers’ standard of living, the Maharashtra government passed the Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Clearance, and Redevelopment) Act, 1971. Under the act, slum improvement works were detailed.

SRA Transfer
As per the SRA rules, pre -2011 slums are eligible for rehabilitation.
Once a slum pocket is notified, slum-dwellers form cooperative societies. Developers then approach the society to redevelop the slum.
Developers need consent of at least 50% of the slum-dwellers to start the redevelopment and rehabilitation process.
SRA cross-checks the credentials of the slum-dwellers to make sure only those actually living in a designated slum are listed.
The developer moves slum-dwellers to transit camps or gives them rent until the slum is redeveloped.
The developer constructs new buildings and all eligible slum-dwellers get free homes.
The additional space on the plot is used to construct other buildings with free-sale components, to subsidise the rehabilitation of slum-dwellers.
Once the beneficiaries are allotted flats, they cannot sell them during the 10-year lock-in period.
After the lock-in period, the state government is entitled to an amount equivalent to stamp duty or Rs 1 lakh, whichever is higher.
SRA Litigation

We are specialist in handling matters under various sections of the SRA some of which includes the following:

Section 3E- Restrictions on transfer of tenements within 10 years
Section 3Z- Protection, relocation and rehabilitation of protected occupiers
3Z-1. Powers to Competent Authority to demolish unauthorized or illegal dwelling structures
3Z-2. Demolition of unauthorized or illegal dwelling structures and penal liability
Section 13 – Power of Competent Authority to redevelop clearance area
Section 33. Power to remove offensive or dangerous trade from slum areas
Section 38. Order of demolition of buildings in certain cases