About Us

Abhita Land Solutions

ABHITA LAND SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a Private Limited Company Registered. The Company has a team of professionals including lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements.

The Company was started in the recent year and thereafter it has grown into a leading Legal Service Firm with impeccable integrity in professional ethics.

In Abhita Land Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we believe in providing our best possible services and endeavor to all our clients and treating them with supreme respect so that they can feel the comfort when they come at Abhita Land Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Expert Team

The framework and method depends on expert team.

Business Growth

We ensure the business growth without conditions.

Why to choose us ?

We provide composite professional services of advisory, consultancy and assistance in Land/Property related matter such as Land Revenue, obtaining title clearance documents, authentic search reports, drafting agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding rental agreements. We also provide help in Land Dispute, Land Acquisition, appeals in Revenue matter, MHADA/CIDCO Property. All services are provided under one roof.