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MMRDA was established in accordance with the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Act, 1974, on 26th January, 1975. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is the planning and implementing agency for all infrastructure development projects such as road widening, new roads, bridges, flyovers, ROBs, subways, elevated roads, Metro-Monorail Projects, Water Resource Development and other related works for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). 

It is also the richest state owned organization in India. MMRDA consists of 17 members and the Minister for Urban Development, Government of Maharashtra is the Chairman. Executive Committee provides technical guidance to MMRDA. 

The object behind establishing MMRDA was to make MMR a destination for economic activity by promoting infrastructure development and improving the quality of life. 

Principal Responsibilities of MMRDA 

  • Preparation of Regional Development Plans
  • Providing financial assistance for significant regional projects
  • Providing help to local authorities and their infrastructure projects
  • Coordinating execution of projects and/or schemes in MMR
  • Restricting any activity that could adversely affect appropriate development of MMR, etc.

Powers of MMRDA 

  • To freeze or restrict development, where necessary. 
  • To give directions and to require local authority to assume responsibility in certain area. 
  • To impose conditions while financing schemes.
  • To levy a Cess on buildings and lands for activities in the Act and to levy betterment charges on increased land value.

Services provided by MMRDA   

One can approach MMRDA to avail the following Services: 

  • Application for booking of land for exhibition (Land and Estate cell) 
  • Ease of doing business handbook for building permissions (Town and Country Planning)
  • Legal Opinions
  • Tender Bid Documents
  • Agreement
  • Lease Deeds
  • Deeds of Conveyances
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

In particular, it conceives, promotes and monitors the key projects for developing new growth centers and brings about improvement in sectors like transport, housing, water supply and environment in the Region.

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