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marriage certificate

Your Guide to Marriage Registration

Introduction Marriage is a significant milestone in one’s life, symbolizing love, commitment, and partnership. While the wedding ceremony itself holds emotional and cultural value, it is essential to recognize the legal aspect of marriage. Marriage registration is the process by which a marriage becomes legally recognized by the government. This blog post aims to guide […]
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7/12 extract (Satbara Utara) is a very important land related document in Maharashtra. The document is maintained by the revenue department of the state for tax collecting purpose. 7/12 extract documents is a vital indicator of the legal status of the actual plot. It is used for locating ancestral information of any particular land. Past […]
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land Acqtion

Land Acquisition: Bridging Dreams to Reality

Land Acquisition: Bridging Dreams to Reality Introduction   Government has a duty towards Civil work for public welfare. For this most of the time, they have to deal in construction, for which they need land. In addition, it is possible that at times the land they need is private property. In such a case, the government’s […]
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Auction And Recovery

WHAT DOES AUCTION MEAN?  A public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder, it means the part of the play in which players bid to decide the contract in which the hand shall be played.  In simple words it means, a sale in which buyers compete for an asset by placing […]
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Gift Deed and its Elements

A Gift Deed is a legal document through which a person voluntarily gifts a movable/immovable property being under his/her ownership to another person. The article to be gifted can be a movable or immovable property. A gift deed is enforceable immediately and does not require court permission.  According to the 1882 Transfer of Property Act. Only after […]
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