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The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) is an Indian city planning agency and richest government authority in India which is formed and controlled by the Government of Maharashtra. CIDCO was formed on 17 March 1970 under the Indian Companies Act of 1956; its purpose at the time of its creation was to develop a satellite town to Mumbai, Maharashtra, and now functioning as New Town Development Authority (NTDA) and Special Planning Authority (SPA) of Government of Maharashtra for development of New Towns by planning and developing entire urban infrastructure, providing municipal services, executing large scale infrastructure projects including Navi Mumbai International Airport, Navi Mumbai Metro etc. 

The Government later widened the scope of CIDCO’s activities delegating the responsibility as the Special Development Authority (SPA). Today CIDCO has earned a reputation as the premier town planning and development agency in the country. 


CIDCO’s broad objectives were: 

  1. To reduce the growth rate of population in Greater Bombay and to attract some of Bombay’s population and absorb immigrants who would otherwise come to Bombay; 
  2. To reduce traffic congestion and burden on Bombay’s physical infrastructure such as road transport, mass rapid transportation system     
  3. To provide physical and social services which would raise living standards and reduce disparities in the amenities available to different sections of the society;
  4. To provide an environment which permits the citizens of the proposed new city to live fuller and richer life, free of physical and social tensions commonly associated with urban living;


  1. CIDCO is responsible for catering to the growing population of the Greater Bombay area and to attract them to settle in Navi Mumbai, by developing housing options and suitable infrastructure.
  2. CIDCO was planned to ease the congestion and burden on Mumbai’s physical infrastructure and assimilate the growing demand and need in Navi Mumbai, by providing alternatives.
  3. CIDCO is also responsible for providing physical and social services for people based in Navi Mumbai, offering them a quality standard of living and reducing disparities in the amenities available to different sections of the society.
  4. CIDCO is also bound to provide quality urban living with a healthy environment, which has no social or communal tensions.


Navi Mumbai Airport 

The Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) is the upcoming airport in the city and will be the second in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). which is expected to see 100 million air passenger traffic by 2034. 

Navi Mumbai Metro 

To facilitate swift connectivity in the region, a metro connectivity was planned in Navi Mumbai in 2010. 

Development of NAINA 

The Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area is a proposed region in Raigad district, to be planned by CIDCO for urban and industrial development. This area will cover 170 villages and will have a number of small cities, which will cater to the growing industry of agro-farming, education, trade and IT. 


Mission of CIDCO 

“To plan and develop urban settlements self-sufficient with physical and social infrastructure that could meet residential, commercial, socio-cultural and industrial needs of the population in the years to come” 

Vision of CIDCO 

“Creating safe, environment-friendly and sustainable city with atmosphere conducive for fuller and richer life that would be devoid of socio-economic disparities”.

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