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Gift Deed and its Elements

A Gift Deed is a legal document through which a person voluntarily gifts a movable/immovable property being under his/her ownership to another person. The article to be gifted can be a movable or immovable property. A gift deed is enforceable immediately and does not require court permission.  According to the 1882 Transfer of Property Act. Only after […]
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What is Conveyance Deed?

What is Conveyance Deed?  A conveyance deed is the transfer of property rights, titles, and ownership from one person to another, not necessarily always for consideration. This usually takes place when the Builder/Developer is voluntarily ready to execute the conveyance deed with the Society/Person to transfer his ownerships rights to the society.  A conveyance deed […]
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What is a Release Deed? | Abhita Land

Release Deed is a legal document that is used to relinquish someone’s claim over a property. A deed of release can be used to commence the release of the parties from any previous obligations. A release deed is also known as a relinquishment deed, for immovable property is a valid, legitimate document recognized under law […]
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