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Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is the nodal investment Promotion agency under the Government of Maharashtra. This organisation was established in 1962, under M.I.D.C Act 1961 as the premier industrial infrastructure development agency of Government of Maharashtra. The duty of MIDC is not only the industrial development and employment generation in the state but also to preserve our natural resources and conserve ecosystem. 


  1. To achieve balanced industrial development of Maharashtra with an emphasis on developing parts and underdeveloped parts of the state.

  2. Infrastructural development of each and every district of Maharashtra.

  3. Facilitate entrepreneurs in setting up industries at various locations.

  4. To function as a special planning authority in development of industrial areas.

  5. Provision of Fire Protection Services.


The MIDC has been declared as an agent of the state government for carrying out the activities within the framework of the MID Act and the MID Rules. These activities can be divided under following 3 broad categories:

  1. Acquisition and disposal of land.

  2. Provision of infrastructure facilities.

  3. Providing of services.


The vision of MIDC is to assist in accelerating the uptake of emission- saving innovative technologies through the sharing of (technical) knowledge on ongoing maritime projects. 


  1. Ease of Doing Business

  2. Single Window Clearance (SWC)

  3. Pay water bill online (Billdesk Payment Gateway)

  4. View Water Bill and Receipts

  5. Building Plan Approval Management System (BPAMS)

  6. Pay BPAMS charges online

  7. Priority Land Allotment

MIDC is known for fulfilling commitments of infrastructure at the speed of thought. Many FDIs have experienced it because MIDC is undertaking of Government of Maharashtra which indeed understands Business. 

Up to date 233 industrial areas are developed by MIDC in Maharashtra on 53120 hectors. With the experience of 45 years, MIDC observed that certain industries are required to be provided some specialized facilities. For the growth of industries and specialized parks/industrial clusters are developed with specialized infrastructure facilities. In this way IT & BT Parks, Wine Parks, Textile Parks, Chemical Zones, Food Parks, Leather Park, Floriculture Park and Electronic Zone etc. are developed by the MIDC.

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