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The Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) was made on 16th of December of 1995 by the government of Maharashtra to promote healthier and safer living for the poor from the slums. The SRA provides houses to people from the slum. 

The SRA came in effect on 25th of December in 1995. The SRA has a chairperson and a Chief Executive Officer.  

The Chairperson of the SRA is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and The Chief Executive Officer is an IAS Officer. 


Until the early 1970s, the government resorted to demolition of these huts to treat the Illegal settlements. 

The demolition efforts were not successful; the citizens who had become an integral part of the city were losing their houses.

The Government of Maharashtra accepted the recommendations made to them, in the December Session of State Legislative Assembly in 1995 and amended the Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Clearance and Redevelopment) Act, 1971 to provide for the creation of Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) with a Chairperson, a Chief Executive Officer and other members. 


The vision of SRA is to make Mumbai and Maharashtra slum-free. 

The SRA promised to remove the slums by the year 2022. 


  • Transfer of Occupancy Certificate (Bhogwata Certificate): Bhogwata Patra is a requirement for having the possession of a house. This applies to SRA flats too so the SRA provide the facility of getting the occupancy certificate.
  • Heir Transfer Certificate: The SRA provides certificates to certify the transfer of property to the heir.
  • Photo-pass for Slum-Dwellers: A Photo-pass is used to identify the slum dwellers who are eligible to get a house under the SRA Scheme.
  • Society Name Registration: The societies that come under SRA get their names registered through the SRA.


The SRA provides better and advanced housing to slum-dwellers with amenities like: 

  • Water supply.
  • Electricity supply.
  • All fittings of ISI standard.
  • The unit will have a granite/marble kitchen platform with a stainless-steel sink and glazed tiles up to the height of 900 mm.
  • Each flat will have vitrified tiles/equivalent alternative for the floor
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